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Schloss Vollrads, mostly 2009, and some reflections on Rheingau

I just retasted the 2009 Schloss Vollrads Spätlese trocken, and it dawned upon me that I never wrote anything for the English version of this blog about my visit to Rheingau in early 2011, when I bought the wine I … Continue reading

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Taylor’s Port

Taylor’s – or Taylor Fladgate which is what the logotype on their labels actually says – is one of the most notable Port companies. Taylor’s counts as one of the best, and their style is characterised by good concentration and wines … Continue reading

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Goose dinner wines

On St. Martin’s Day, now some two weeks ago, a goose dinner is customary in some parts (especially the Germanic ones) of northwestern Europe. In Sweden this tradition is particularly strong in the southern parts of the country, in particular Scania/Skåne, since … Continue reading

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White Burgundy Grand Cru

Another blogger (Erik) and I pooled our cellar resources to put together a wine tasting club tasting in AuZone on the theme white Burgundy Grand Cru, or in other terms, non-sparkling Chardonnay at its best. Since my dear colleague is … Continue reading

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Comte Georges de Vogüé and Bonneau du Martray, mostly 2010

Comte Georges de Vogüé and Bonneau du Martray are two very good Burgundy producers. They are both domaines, i.e., produce wine from their own vineyards. Both are rated *** by Clive Coates, which is his highest producer rating, and he has … Continue reading

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Moulin Touchais 1959-1985

Continuing this summer’s Moulin Touchais tasting, Stig treated us to a new tasting, still under the auspices of the wine tasting club AuZone. This time around, the wines were older on average. Last time we tried wines from the 1990s + … Continue reading

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How to identify the age of a Krug Grande Cuvée

Krug Grande Cuvée, the non-vintage/multivintage version of Krug and the most commonly encountered Champagne of the Krug range, is a wine that can be cellared for quite a long time. The preference of many Krug enthusiasts is to always drink … Continue reading

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Krug marathon featuring Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug Rosé

A tasting of Krug Grande Cuvée ond Krug Rosé, i.e. Krug’s non-vintage Champagnes, was pulled together via the Swedish online forum The tasting took place a couple of weeks ago in Gothenburg. By means of background, Krug produces Champagnes in a very long-lived style throughout their range. This is … Continue reading

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