Some French and other wines from Roberson

London-based wine merchant Roberson Wine (I always have to stop myself from adding a “t” to their name…) also markets a select range to my native Sweden via a translated version of their website, and I recently tasted some of their wines in Stockholm, when they and some other merchants showed some of their “stuff”.

Finewines Grappe 20130427 nr 1

The table of Roberson Wine is on the left in this picture


2011 Chavy-Chouet Bourgogne Blanc Les Femelottes, £14.95
Burgundy, Chardonnay

Some oak, yellow fruit. Palate with mineral, yellow apple, good acidity, firm. 88(+) pts.
Definitely good for what the label indicates as a “basic” Bourgogne blanc.

2011 Gerard Morin Sancerre Cuvée Ovide 2011, £18.95
Loire, Sauvignon Blanc

Ripe apple, some lemon, some gooseberry, mineral, high acidity, firm. 89 pts?

2011 Mas des Dames Blanc 2011, £14.95
Languedoc-Roussillon, Grenache Blanc

Green apple, some smoke. Good concentration on the palate, yellow apple, mineral. Aftertaste with green apple. 87 pts?

It always seems difficult to know what to expect from Grenache Blanc. Sometimes the wines are quite oily and suffer from low acidity and some bitterness. Here, on the other side, a very green apple-y wine with mineral.

Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey, Saint-Aubin blanc 1er cru La Chatenière 2011, £39.95
Burgundy, Chardonnay

Oak notes, mineral, some spice, ripe yellow apple, good concentration, mineral again on the palate, high acidity. Young, 90(+) pts.

Saint-Aubin is located in Côte de Beaune, the “ground zero” of oaked white Burgundy, but in a side valley rather than on the main slope, and doesn’t have any grand crus, which seems to make this village somewhat neglected. Both red and white versions exist, but with a clear majority of white wines.

Finewines 20130427 Roberson rött


Julien Sunier Morgon 2011, £18.95
Beaujolais, Gamay

Ripe red berries, some herbs. Palate with good concentration, juicy, some mineral, herbs, good acidity, 87 pts.

A modern-styled Beaujolais, i.e. a “real wine”.

Dugat-Py Gevrey-Chambertin Les Evocelles 2007, £89.95
Burgundy, Pinot Noir

Rather ripe cherries, some herbal notes, some spice, some developed notes starting to appear. Palate with good concentration, ripe strawberries and cherries, good acidity, spice, some tannin, pleasant spiciness. Rather accessible, can develop more. 89 pts.

Dugat-Py is one of several high-end Burgundy domaines whose wines have become sought after in recent years, and this is unfortunately reflected in the price of all of their wines. 2007 isn’t a top vintage, but it has the advantage of being fast maturing.

La Demoiselle de Sociando-Mallet 1998, £29.95
Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux; second wine of Château Sociando-Mallet.

Classical Bordeaux nose with barnyard aromas, some spice and the rest. Medium concentration on the palate, mineral, elegance, medium tannin. Classical, a bit strict, and developed in its aromas. 88 pts.

Very nice to see a second wine of good age and from a good vintage. Often, the non-cult second wines are drunk already when young and disappears from the market. Sociando-Mallet is probably the best unclassified left bank producer, and one of my favourite wines of the Médoc when I have to pay with my own money. Their first wine performs at least like a 3rd cru and definitely needs cellaring, and it is therefore very interesting to see how well their second wine has developed.

Many Bordeaux wines, also those dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, have developed in the direction of more concentration, sweeter fruit and more polished tannins in the 2000s (in some cases starting already in the 1990s). This has made them more drinkable when young. Those that are more used to that type of Bordeaux, may be unused to a Bordeaux that is lighter in style but still quite good. This wine is therefore “old style” in a positive sense of the word. This is not a wine I’d imagine pairing with huge steaks (scroll down two wines for a better choice) or very powerful cheese, but perhaps with the Bordeaux classic of lamb, or why not pork or paté.

Château Bellegrave 2006, £26.95
Pomerol, Bordeaux

Dark, slightly sweetish berries, plums, some flowery notes. Good concentration on the palate, sweetness of fruit, red and dark berries, medium tannin. Rather modern right bank style, good development for being an 06. 90 pts?

Château Barde-Haut 2001, £36.95
Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux; Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé in the 2012 version of the classification.

Dark berries, coffee, spice, well-integrated oak. Good concentration on the palate, sweetness of fruit in the attack, medium tannins that have softened somewhat. A very fine “semi-modern” Saint-Émilion with good balance that punches above its classification. Rather developed, but can definitely be cellared longer. 91 pts

The last time I tried this wine, and had it served blind, we correctly identified it as a Saint-Émilion, but I actually believed it could be a Château Angélus, which is several times more expensive. At that time, I had never heard of this producer, and I find it very exciting that it’s possible to buy such a good and ready-to-drink Bordeaux at such a decent price! Here’s the Bordeaux to pair with that huge steak I mentioned two wines back!

Château La Gaffelière 2003, £54.95
Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux; Saint-Émilion 1er Grand Cru Classé (B)

Ripe berries, mostly dark berries, coffee, sweet on the palate, medium+ tannin. The hot vintage can be felt, but also makes the wine accessible. 90 pts?

Château Musar 2001, £27.95
Bekaa valley, Lebanon.

Ripe red berries, almond?, animal notes, leather, slightly warm impression on the nose. Palate with good concentration, ripe red berries, noticeable mineral, good acidity, medium tannin. Classical style with “southern France” hints, good balance. 90 pts?

Det mest klassiska vinet från Mellanöstern, lika legendariskt för kvaliteten hos de gamla årgångarna som ökänt för stilvariationer mellan årgångarna. Här kostar 2001:an samma som 2005:an kostar på Bolaget, vilket är trevligt med tanke på att Musar är ett lagringsvin, och 2001:an är klart balanserad och elegant. (Har inte provat 05:an.)

Arnot-Roberts North Coast Syrah 2011, £34.95

Ripe, sweetish red berries and some dark berries. Palate with sweetish attack, medium tannin, good fruit, good acidity. New World-styled, but with good acidity providing freshness. 88 pts.

Altesino Brunello di Montalcino 2006, £29.95
Tuscany, Sangiovese

Ripe cherries, some dark berries, some herbs. Palate with relatively ripe and sweet fruit, medium tannin, some mineral. 89 pts.

Swedish version of the post here.

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3 Responses to Some French and other wines from Roberson

  1. Sussexwino says:

    Yes, I rather agree with some comments “The last time I tried this wine, and had it served blind, we correctly identified it as a Saint-Émilion, but I actually believed it could be a Château Angélus”.
    Any bloody fool can go out and spend lots of money on the great Bordeaux wines (Lafite, Latour, Margaux etc etc) but more amusing and more rewarding is the discovery of a hidden pearl such as Barde Haut etc. There are (particularly in Bordeaux) hundreds well worth discovering and all it needs is a bit of research and perseverance..

  2. vintomas says:

    I actually wish a was the type of bloody fool who could afford to fill my cellar with the premier cru classés at their current prices, but alas. 🙂

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