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BYO with mostly prestige Champagne

Mid-July a couple of us gather for a BYO evening to taste som prestige Champagnes, although a few other bottles also managed to come along. The wines were served more or less blind. Michel Lenique Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs … Continue reading

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Champagne from David Léclapart and a couple of others

In my previous post, I mentioned having tasted a quite odd rosé Champagne (l’Alchimiste) from David Léclapart. This reminded me that I actually had tasted other wines from Léclapart on two occasions during this spring thanks to their Swedish importer, … Continue reading

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Fine wine BYO with some interesting coincidences

Earlier this summer there was again a fine wine-oriented BYO pulled together via a forum called As usual some truly high-class wines, but unlike some of the earlier editions, Champagne made up less than half the wines, and there … Continue reading

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Chablis by William Fèvre

William Fèvre is the best Chablis producer with a shop where it is possible to simply show up during opening hours for a tasting. There is a sign saying that you may have to pay 8 euro to taste, and that … Continue reading

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Domaine Denis Race in Chablis

Domaine Denis Race was the smallest and perhaps the least known producer I popped into while visiting Chablis early July. It is a family-owned producer with 18 ha/45 acres of vineyards. They are located in the southern outskirts of the Chablis … Continue reading

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A visit to Simonnet-Febvre in Chablis

From a spelling point of view, the most challenging company I visited in Chablis was Simonnet-Febvre. Since 2003, they are owned by Burgundy négociant Louis Latour, who also sell Chablis under their own label. I don’t know if the Chablis from Latour … Continue reading

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Jean-Marc Brocard in Chablis

Visiting Chablis, I also popped into the shop of Jean-Marc Brocard. The Chablis introduction can be read here. Brocard is a major Chablis company, and their green-top bottles is a common sight in the Chablis range in many markets. I’ve usually … Continue reading

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Visiting Laroche in Chablis

Laroche was one of the Chablis producers I popped in to during my visit in early July. For an overview of Chablis, see the introductory article. Many of the wines are labelled Domaine Laroche, i.e., are sourced from their own vineyards, that … Continue reading

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A visit to Chablis and some words on Chablis in general

Some weeks ago I visited Chablis. In the upcoming blog entries you can therefore expect some tasting notes from the five producers I visited: Laroche J-M Brocard Simonnet-Febvre Denis Race William Fèvre I start with this introduction to Chablis in … Continue reading

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Tio Pepe Fino En Rama 2013

In 2010, the major Sherry producer Gonzalez & Byass started an annual tradition by releasing Tio Pepe Fino En Rama in spring or early summer. The difference between the En Rama versionen (rama = “raw” in Spanish ) from regular Tio Pepe is that it … Continue reading

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