2014 on this blog: Riesling theme

Happy New Year!

I thought I’d reveal what to expect will be written on this blog in 2014. The focus of my writing is on wines from classical regions and will so remain. Looking back at the last year, however, I feel that the focus has been a bit to exclusively on France. As it happened, what really captured my interest in the wine world was Riesling, and then primarily German Riesling. This resulted in Alsace being one of the first French wine regions that I was interested in, and then not just Riesling but their whole set of varietals. It was also my interest in Riesling that led to my interest in mature wines, and revealed how fascinating such wines can be.

Rüdesheimer Berg från Bingen 20070923

Rüdesheimer Berg, the vineyards to the west of Rüdesheim in Rheingau, Germany. I took this picture from the ferry port in Bingen on the other side of the Rhine on a sunny September afternoon in 2007. To me, this is definitely one of the most beautiful wine-related views anywhere in the world! The vines in the picture are probably around 90% Riesling, together with a smaller proportion of Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir).

Looking back at the blog posts of 2013, only four are have been categorised “Riesling”, of which two were mixed tastings and two were producer-oriented tastings (a wine club tasting of Dönnhoff hosted by E.T. and Kloster Eberbach at their Swedish importer Bibendum) focused on Riesling. This is definitely less than it should have been! My visit to Rheingau in early March 2013 didn’t result in any blog posts at all, and I’d really like to know how I have been able to attend the vintage presentation of Georg Breuer’s wines with Theresa Breuer two years in a row without writing about it? But then again, who could answer this question except myself?

To correct this state of affairs I’ve decided to make Riesling the 2014 theme of this blog. My ambition is to write one post per week with some connection to this theme. You can expect German wines to make up the largest share of these posts, together with quite a bit of Alsace, and fewer posts related to Austria and the rest of the Riesling-growing world. Some of these posts will probably be about those early 2013 tastings that I never wrote about.

This definitely doesn’t mean that I will stop writing about other wines, such as “BBC” (Bordeaux-Burgundy-Champagne). It does mean, however, that when I don’t have time for too many posts, those that are connected to this theme will get priority.

I hope your wine year will be a good one!

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