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Some course wines from Germany and Alsace

A couple of weeks ago I held one of the classes in a basic wine course in the Stockholm chapter of the wine tasting organisation Munskänkarna. The class covered Alsace and Germany, and in these classes we try to show a couple of typical wines … Continue reading

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Alsace wines from Jules Muller, and a Riesling from Trapet

Jules Muller was one of the producers featured at the annual “Alsace Wine Day” in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. Jules Muller is located in the village of Bergheim (village profile at Per Warfvinge’s Alsace website, Wikipedia article) and their own vineyards … Continue reading

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New Champagnes from Raphaël & Vincent Bérêche

When I visited the Champagne region two weeks ago I encountered Champagnes from a producer that in one way is new, but which has a familiar (sur)name: Raphaël & Vincent Bérêche. It’s the name Bérêche that’s familiar, and it belongs … Continue reading

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Visit to Krug with a premiere tasting of 2003 Krug

The week before last I had the privilege of being able to visit the Champagne house Krug in Reims. I owed this pleasure to a friend of mine, the Brussels-based Champagne enthusiast M., who had managed to book a visit that … Continue reading

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Burgundies with some age from Bonneau du Martray, de Vogüé and Trapet

Older Burgundies straight from the producers’ cellars isn’t something that I’ve been drinking too much, but it is definitely something that I’m always willing to drink when someone needs a helping mouth. A Swedish importer with some Burgundy producers in … Continue reading

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Pierre Sparr – an Alsace producer with a fruity style and a practical sweetness scale on the label

Pierre Sparr is an Alsace producer located in Sigolsheim, and one whose wines I tasted together with the other producers at the Alsace tasting a couple of weeks ago. In the case of Sparr, most grapes used for their wines are bought … Continue reading

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Léon Beyer – a reliably dry Alsace traditionalist

Léon Beyer is an Alsace producer that is usually mentioned together with Hugel and Trimbach as the traditional trio of high-end néogciants/wine houses of Alsace that have some things in common: they stick to a completely dry and rather firm wine … Continue reading

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Preiss-Henny – an Alsace producer with a traditional and dry style

The past Monday I tasted through a number of Alsace wines in Stockholm, since the annual “Alsace Wine Day” was held. The French wine and food export organisation Sopexa provides this event. 35 Alsace producers were represented, either with their … Continue reading

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Three French wines tasted from WIT tubes – two red and one sweet

I recently tested samples of three French wines shipped in 60 ml glass tubes WIT, where they are stored under inert gas. Last time I tried similar samples I explained the concept in more detail, and had some comments on … Continue reading

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