2015 on this blog – mostly Champagne

Happy New Year!

I take the opportunity to spend some words on my current thoughts about my blogging in 2015. But first a look back on 2014.

One year ago, I said that the theme of 2014 would be Riesling. Similar to many new year’s resolution, it started well, but didn’t last all the way through the year. There were 22 posts during the year (all of them written in the period January to early September), which is somewhat meager compared to the ambition of one post per week. One of the reasons was that in early August, I started my Champagne village project, with the ambition to write profiles on all 319 Champagne villages. So far I’ve posted 64 village profiles in just under five months. Of the 17 areas that make up the Champagne wine region, I’ve so far completed the Grande Vallée de la Marne (9 villages) and the Grande Montagne de Reims (25 villages), and have come more than halfway through Vesle et Ardre (30 out of 52 villages).

I plan to continue posting Champagne village profiles in approximately the current form during 2015, but I’m unlikely to finish all the 254 remaining villages in one year, since I also planned on blogging about some other things. During the last several months quite a lot of tasting notes and ideas have been left without being blogged about, for lack of time. My intention is therefore to increase the proportion of “regular posts” somewhat compared to what has been the case during the second half of 2014, in order to make the village profiles slightly less dominant.

Some tastings that I plan to write about in the near future is a tasting of the 2011s from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, and four tastings that I held myself during 2014: various Selosse Champagnes, Krug Grande Cuvée of different ages, mixed Chablis Grand Cru wines, and a horizontal tasting of some 2002 Champagnes. I also have unused material for some Champagne producer profiles and notes from a number of dinners and BYO tastings with some quite fantastic wines. I truly enjoy to take part in the latter type of activities, but I have often not blogged about them if they haven’t had a thematic focus.

Some time during this year I also plan to have a look at the graphical layout of the blog. I’ve been using a standard theme from WordPress since I started it in August 2010, and just adapted the right-hand side menus somewhat.

Bild1Finally a helpful hint for those that look for other Champagne village profiles than those written most recently. Under the heading “Champagne villages” in the menu of the blog, there are pages with profiles of the different areas of Champagne (there are 17 areas in total) that I’ve started to cover so far. Put the mouse on the text highlighted with a red ring in the picture and the names of the areas appear in a drop-down menu and become clickable.

On the page of the respective area there are links to the villages I’ve profiled so far. This hint covered something that was perhaps already obvious to many readers, but since i posted the first area profile as a blog post (rather than as a page that is reached from the menu), I thought it might be worth pointing out that I later have chosen another structure. Also, when I add new pages under the menu headings, they are not seen in the list of the lastest posts.

See you around in 2015!

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