Champagne village profile: Vandières on the right bank of the Marne valley

Diagram Vandières 201505Key facts

Located in: Vallée de la Marne: Vallée de la Marne Rive Droite
Vineyards and grape varieties: 239.2 hectares (591.1 acres), of which 72% Pinot Meunier, 19% Pinot Noir, and 9% Chardonnay.
Classification: ”Autre cru” (86%)


The map is linked from Wikimedia Commons, and the geographical information originates from OpenStreetMap. The dotted white area corresponds to the vineyards, light yellow is other open terrain, orange is built-up areas, and green indicates forest.

Neighbouring villages

On the right bank of the Marne
Southeast and east: Châtillon-sur-Marne
Northwest: Passy-Grigny
West: Verneuil

On the left bank of the Marne
Southeast: Mareuil-le-Port
South and southwest: Troissy

The town hall (mairie) of Vandières. Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons (photo MTOURE51, 2014).

The village

Vandières is located on the right bank of the Marne river, which means north of the river.

Although the commune stretches all the way to the river, the actual village is located slightly more than 1 km away in the direction of the vineyards. On a stretch of about 9 km along the right bank of the Marne river, from Verneuil in the west to Binson-et-Orquigny in the east, flat farmland is found next to the river, but no vineyards and no villages are located directly at the river, unlike the situation upstream of Binson-et-Orquigny and downstream of Verneuil.

In the village there is a palace, Château de Vandières, owned by the Desrousseaux family.

The Vandières commune covers 1320 hectares and has 332 inhabitants (as of 2012), referred to as verdrats and verdrates.

Château Vandières is located just to the north of the village, surrounded by a large park. In the background, south-facing vineyards situated to the north of the village are visible. Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons (photo MTOURE51, 2014).


The vineyards in Vandières are located in a continuous band through the commune, and across the border into Verneuil to the west and Châtillon-sur-Marne to the east, and are dominated by Pinot Meunier. In the western part of the commune, the vineyards consist mostly of mild southeast-facing slopes. In the eastern part of the commune, the vineyards are located around a hill (that crosses the border to Châtillon-sur-Marne), and the slopes vary mainly from west to south.

The current vineyard surface in the Vandières comune is 239.2 hectares (591.1 acres). There are 173 ha Pinot Meunier (72.3%), 44.6 ha Pinot Noir (18.6%), and 21.6 ha Chardonnay (9%). Numbers from CIVC, as of 2013. In 1997, the vineyard surface was 227 ha. There are 88 vineyard owners (exploitants) in the commune.

Champagne producers

Champagne growers

Producer status is indicated where known: RM = récoltant-manipulant, or grower-producers. RC = récoltant-coopérateur, growers that are cooperative members but sell Champagnes under their own name.

  • Ardinat-Faust (RM), on the labels usually José Ardinat, has 8.2 ha of vineyards and practices organic viticulture since 1971, with Ecocert certification since 1989. Also sells Champagnes under the brand Serge Faust.
  • Copin-Cautel, has 4.13 ha of vineyards in Vandières, Chouilly, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, and Aÿ.
  • Delabarre (RM), has 6 ha of vineyards with 60% Pinot Meunier, 27% Pinot Noir, and 13% Chardonnay.
  • Delouvin-Bagnost (RM), has 9.5 ha of vineyards and an annual production of aboyr 100 000 flaskor. In addition to their regular vintage Champagne, there is one called Cuvée Louis V.
  • Delouvin-Nowack (RM), has 6 ha of vineyards.
  • Laurent Etchart (RC)
  • Pascal Fauvet
  • Gouvenaux-Mimin (RC)
  • Grezo-Legrand (RM)
  • Alban Lemaire (RM)
  • Joël Lemaire (RM)
  • Leriche Tournant (RM), has vineyards with 60% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir, and 10% Chardonnay.
  • E. Liebart (RC), has 7 ha of vineyards with 80% Pinot Meunier, 10% Pinot Noir, and 10% Chardonnay.
  • Francis Loriot (RC)
  • Marina D. (RM), has 6 ha vingårdar.
  • Daniel Moreau (NM), with the company name Bastien Moreau, member of Vignerons Indépendants with 6.8 ha of vineyards in Verneuil, Vandières, and Châtillon-sur-Marne. Grape varieties are 50% Pinot Meunier, 37% Pinot Noir, and 13% Chardonnay. The range also includes a vineyard-designated and vintage-dated Pinot Noir, Les Crinquettes (I’ve not been able to figure out if the vineyard is in Vandières or another village).
  • Nowack (RM?), member of Vignerons Indépendants and Des Pieds et des Vins.
  • Gérard Paille (RM)
  • Denis Patoux (RM), has 8.5 ha of vineyards with 4.2 ha Pinot Meunier, 2.4 ha Pinot Noir, and 1.9 ha Chardonnay.
  • André Plekhoff
  • Laurent Saint Omer, also written Laurent St-Omer.
  • Christelle Salomon (RM), member of Vignerons Indépendants. Has vineyards with 67% Pinot Meunier, 18% Chardonnay, and 15% Pinot Noir.
  • Denis Salomon (RM), member of Vignerons Indépendants and Origines Champagne with 3.6 ha of vineyards.
  • Olivier Tournant (RM)
  • Thibaut Gisony (RC), with the company name Le Clos de la Tuilerie, is a member of the the village cooperative l’Union.

Comment: the list may not be complete.


  • Coopérative Vinicole l’Union is a cooperative in Vandières founded in 1955, with about 170 members. They sell Champagnes under the brand:
    • De l’Argentaine, created in 1972 as their own Champagne brand.
    • The cooperative also producers the Champagnes sold under the name Duc de Romet (a ND = négociant-distributeur, i.e., sells Champagnes produced by someone else). The company behind the name is called Terroir & Talent, is located in Aÿ, and Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy of the Aÿ grower Geoffroy is behind it.

Below a video (French speak, no subtitles) presenting the cooperative with fairly extensive picture of their facilities. The video starts with an aerial view of Vandières.


© Tomas Eriksson 2015, last update 2015-06-25

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