Champagne village profile: Bar-sur-Seine in the Barséquanais

Diagram Bar-sur-Seine 201607Key facts

Located in subregion/area: Côte des Bar / Barséquanais
Vineyards and grape varieties: 19.6 hectares (48.4 acres), of which 74.5% Pinot Noir, 20.4% Chardonnay, 2.0% Pinot Meunier, and 3.1% others.
Classification: “Autre cru” (80%)


The map is linked from Wikimedia Commons, and the geographical information originates from OpenStreetMap. The dotted white area corresponds to the vineyards, light yellow is other open terrain, orange is built-up areas, and green indicates forest.

Google Maps view with the villages in the Barséquanais highlighted.

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Neighbouring villages within the Champagne appellation

East: Buxières-sur-Arce (mostly beyond Ville-sur-Arce)
Eastsoutheast: Ville-sur-Arce
Southeast: Merrey-sur-Arce
Southeast: Celles-sur-Ource
South: Polisot

The church Église Notre-Dame du Chêne in Bar-sur-Seine. Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons (photo Christophe.Finot, 2008).

The village

Bar-sur-Seine is located in the southern part of the Aube departement, at the Seine river. It is the largest town in the Barséquanais area, and has lended its name to the area. Bar-sur-Seine is also the last Champagne village downstream along Seine, and has a relatively small vineyard area within the borders of the commune.

The Bar-sur-Seine commune has a surface of 2753 hectares and has 3135 inhabitants (as of 2013), referred to as Barrois and Barroises as well as Barséquanais and Barséquanaises.

Seine in Bar-sur-Seine. Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons (photo Havang(nl), 2009).


The vineyards in Bar-sur-Seine are located east and southeast of the village, with Pinot Noir as the most common grape variety.

The current vineyard surface in the Bar-sur-Seine commune is 19.6 hectares (48.4 acres). There are 14.6 ha Pinot Noir (74.5%), 4.0 ha Chardonnay (20.4%), 0.4 ha Pinot Meunier (2.0%), and 0.6 ha others (3.1%). Numbers from CIVC, as of 2013. In 1997, the vineyard surface was 13 ha. There are 22 vineyard owners (exploitants) in the commune.

Single vineyard sites

  • Le Val Moré is a site with mild west-facing slope. It is located just east of the built-up area, close to the border to Merrey-sur-Arce. Domaine la Borderie uses grapes from this site to their Trois Contrés.

The church Église Saint-Étienne in Bar-sur-Seine. Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons (photo Mattis, 2007).

Champagne producers

Champagne house/négociant

The producer status NM = négociant-manipulant means that purchased grapes can be included in the Champagnes. NM producers can be anything from small producers that supplement their own grapes with some that they buy in, to large Champagne houses that primarily rely on purchased grapes.

Champagne growers

Producer status is indicated where known: RM = récoltant-manipulant, or grower-producers. RC = récoltant-coopérateur, growers that are cooperative members but sell Champagnes under their own name.

  • Brigitte Baroni (RM), whose vintage Champagne is called Prestige.
  • Domaine la Borderie, a young producer started in 2013 by brother and sister Simon and Marie Normand, who took back control of 11 ha family-owned vineyards. Trois Contrés is a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Blanc from the vineyard sites Val Moré in Bar-sur-Seine, Les Devoix in Merrey-sur-Arce, and Clos Bidaut in Ville-sur-Arce. Douce Folie is a rosé which is 100% Pinot Noir from old vines in the site Douce Folie. Les Devoix is a Coteaux Champenois Rouge (a still red wine) which is 100% Pinot Noir from old vines in the site Les Devoix in Merrey-sur-Arce.
    Below a video from the harvest 2015 at this producer:

  • Albin Martinot (RM), member of Le Cercle des Créateurs de Champagnes Confidentiels with 3 ha of vineyards. Their top Champagne is called Cuvée Rollon, which is oak barrel vinified and is composed of 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir.

Comment: the list may be incomplete.


When bottles are sold directly by a cooperative the producer status is given as CM = coopérative de manipulation, as opposed to RC when sold by a cooperative member under their own name.

  • Union Aubois is a large cooperative in Bar-sur-Seine with member cooperatives in other villages. The members have close to 1500 ha of vineyards. It is one of three cooperatives behind the Jacquart brand (and the second brand Montaudon) in Reims. Union Aubois also sell their own Champagnes under the brand Devaux.
    • Devaux or Veuve A.Devaux, whose best Champagnes are included in the range Collection D. This range includes a vintage Champagne composed of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Vintages relased (as of 2016) are 1996, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006, and 2008. Sténopé is a vintage Champagne composed of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, which is the result of a collaboration with the Rhône wine producer Chapoutier. It was launched in 2015 in the 2008 vintage.
      Deavux was originally a Champagne house of its own, founded in 1846 by the brothers Jules and Auguste Devaux. Auguste’s widow Claude-Joseph Devaux (born Ducray) then ran the house as Maison Vve A. Devaux together with her son François-Auguste. At this time, the house was located in Épernay. François-Auguste married Augusta-Maria Herbin, who also ran the house as widow 1879-1895. Around 1900, Devaux exported a high 75% of their production. The last of the family to manage the house was Jean-Pol Auguste Devaux, who lacked heirs and in 1987 sold it to Laurent Gillet, president of the Union Auboise cooperative, which already supplied grapes to Devaux.

Château de Villeneuve in Bar-sur-Seine, where the Champagne producer Devaux is located. Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons (photo Philippesalv, 2013).


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