Ferdinando Principiano from Piedmont

French-Swedish online wine dealer Caviste also sells wines from one Italian producer, Ferdinando Principiano in Piemonte. Last year, Caviste released his first box from Principiano, and this year there’s a new with similar wines. As I noted then, the style of this producer belongs within the pattern represented by the French part of Caviste’s range.


2015 Dolcetto d’Alba Sant’ Anna
Grape variety: Dolcetto. 10 months in steel tanks.

A serious nose of dark plums, rather dark berries, and some liquorice. Palate with cherries, some plums, good concentration of fruit, definitely good acidity, some tannic bite, and an aftertaste with sour cherries. A wine with good concentration of fruit and some bite, and is drinkable now, 86 p.

Compared to how I remember the 2013 vintage from last year, this wine gives a somewhat more ripe impression with a bit darker berry notes. Last time I likened the style to a modern Beaujolais, and that seems like a fair comparison this year as well.

2014 Barbera d’Alba Laura
Grape variety: Barbera. 10 months in steel tanks.

Nose with cherries, good berry notes, slightly flowery notes and a light spicy note that reminds me of oak (despite the vinification in steel tank). Palate with cherries, good acidity, some mineral, some tannic bite, and an aftertaste with sour cherries and some green apples. Could benefit from some cellaring, 84(+) p.

The nose gives a slightly warm vintage impression, but the palate is cooler. It is more structured and tougher on the palate compared to the Dolcetto (just as last year), with less of a direct berry note. I heard other tasters who liked it better than the Dolcetto, so the preference is probably a matter of taste rather than of quality. I must admit not to be a Barbera aficionado, although I do have a few bottles in the cellar.

2012 Barolo Serralunga
Grape variety: Nebbiolo, from young vines. Raised 24 months in big oak barrels (botti) of 2000-4000 liters.

Elegant nose with red berries, some dried berries, some roses as well as other flowery and lightly perfumed notes. The nose gives a cool impression. Palate with ripe red berries, cranberries and cherries, good berry concentration, a bitterness of berries that is foody, mineral, decent tannic bite, high acidity, and an aftertaste with cranberries and tannins. Young, should preferably be given some years in the cellar, 88+/89(+) p.

We also got to taste a vineyard Barolo that is likely to be offered by Caviste next year.

Barolo Boscareto 2010
Grape variety: Nebbiolo, from old vines. Vinified without destemming, raised 24 months in big oak barrels (botti) of 3000 liter. Tasted from a magnum.

A big, elegant and flowery nose with red berries, mineral, and well integrated oak notes. Palate with good concentration, blackberries, cranberries, liquorice, quite good acidity, noticeable tannic bite, and a firm aftertaste. Definitely young now and should be cellared, 91+/92+ p.

Compared to the regular 2012 Barolo Serralunga, this is a wine with a bigger nose, darker berry notes and a tougher palate, and it is likely to need more extended cellaring.

Swedish version here.

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