Two 2016 Burgundian posts over at BKWine: Bonneau du Martray and Comte Georges de Vogüé

Over at BKWine, a website belonging to a Swedish-French wine travel company, there are two recent posts about wines from two high-class Burgundy domains, Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray on the white side, and Musigny/Bonnes Mares/Chambolle-Musigny from Comtes Georges de Vogüé on the red side.

The reason for this reading suggestion, is that it was me who wrote these posts. (Or to be more precise, I wrote the Swedish versions and BKWine has also translated them into English. In case the terminology is different than usual, the spelling errors are fewer, or the grammatical errors are missing.) These posts ended up at BKWine because I attended the Swedish importer’s tasting as the BKWine representantive. The Swedish importer is called Tryffelsvinet, which is Swedish for truffle pig.

The wines covered are mostly of the 2016 vintage, together with some wines from previous vintages.

2016 was a vintage that offered many difficulties in Burgundy, but the end result was really good wines of a pure and elegant character, although in small volumes. In general, the wines are firm and acid-dominated, which means that the red (at least the high-end ones) are in need of cellaring, and that the white are fresh in style. The small volume unfortunately means that the prices have increased additionally compared to 2015. If “smaller amounts that usual” sounds very familiar for a recent Burgundy vintage, it is probably because it was the same case for 2013, 2011, and to some extent 2010. 2014 and 2015 offered rather regular volumes, though. The same is apparently the case for 2017 and 2018, and both vintages are supposed to be good and in an accessible style. (These are more preliminary information for 2018 than for 2017.) Unfortunately, I can’t promise that this will lead to lower prices for top burgundies, but we can at least hope that this takes away the pressure for further price increases, or at least reduces that pressure.

This type of tasting of De Vogüé and Bonneau du Martray chez Tryffelsvinet, has been offered annually for quite some time, and I’ve attended regularly. The former posts can be found here, listed by the youngest vintage at each tasting:

Swedish version of this post

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