Star Wine List, a guide to wine bars and restaurants

Star Wine List is a web site which is a guide to wine bars and “wine restaurants” in a number of major cities in various countris, with a focus on fine wine. They started in my home town of Stockholm, Sweden in 2017, and one of the initial team is someone I taste good wines with now and then.

Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons, created by Jorge Barrios, Alexandre Jaborska, and Nevit Dilmen.

Soon after their start, they started to cover other cities in other countries by using local collaborators, referred to as ambassadors. The tagline at the web site currently says New York City – London – Oslo – Stockholm – Toronto – Copenhagen – Paris. However, at least for Sweden, that’s not an exhaustive list, since several other Swedish cities than Stockholm are covered.

The French capital is the most recent addition to the list, just less than a month ago. Initially, Star Wine List covered 31 “wine spots” in Paris. When they expanded to Paris, they also made it possible to read their site in French, in addition to English and Swedish.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Star Wine List if you’re into wine and live in or will be visiting any cities covered!

Swedish version of this post

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