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2015 in Germany – a top vintage

In May 2016 I joined a wine trip to Germany arranged by the wine tasting club CVP (Collegium Vinorum Polytechnicum or just “Vincollegiet” in Sweden) over an extended weekend, as part of their 40th anniversary celebration. CVP is loosely affiliated with … Continue reading

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Mixed white BYOB with AuZone

In the absence of other tastings scheduled for Maundy Thursday, six of us gathered for a BYOB tasting under the auspices of our wine tasting club AuZone. E.T., who took the initiative, decided on “white and good” as our theme. As … Continue reading

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Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2012 tasting

In the end of October, MW lined up some German Riesling Grosses Gewächs – on the labels usually written GG for short – from a number of excellent producers and from the likewise excellent vintage 2012. Grosses Gewächs/GG is a designation … Continue reading

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German Riesling Grosses Gewächs & co 2005

A short time ago I held a tasting themed “Riesling GG & co 2005” in our wine tasting club AuZone. This was a horizontal tasting of high-end dry German Riesling. The designation Grosses Gewächs, often abbreviated as GG on labels … Continue reading

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Dönnhoff – German top producer in Nahe

Dönnhoff is a German winery in Oberhausen in the Nahe wine region. The man behind the winery is Helmut Dönnhoff, and his son Cornelius Dönnhoff has begun to take more responsibility in recent years. Their 25 ha (62 acres) of vineyards are spread out … Continue reading

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BYO on Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday, a very small but brave number of participants met up for a BYO activity in our wine tasting club. We ended up with two whites and two reds, and as usual they were served blind so we … Continue reading

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Nebbiolo wines with CAV

In October 2010, the wine club CAV – which spelled out means Cercle des Amateurs de Vin – held a tasting under the theme “not only Barolo, fine Italian Nebbiolo”, which I believe may be worth writing about, despite the … Continue reading

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Leitz, Christmann and Dönnhoff at AuZone

Notes from a tasting with the wine tasting club AuZone in July. It was to be a “tournament” between three German producers, which were to be Weingut Josef Leitz (Rheingau), Weingut A. Christmann (Pfalz) and Weingut Hermann Dönhoff (Nahe). As … Continue reading

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