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Riesling Grosses Gewächs 2012 tasting

In the end of October, MW lined up some German Riesling Grosses Gewächs – on the labels usually written GG for short – from a number of excellent producers and from the likewise excellent vintage 2012. Grosses Gewächs/GG is a designation … Continue reading

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German World Championship Rieslings

I take a short brake from the village profiles of Champagne to “ease the pressure” of all regular tasting notes that have been collecting dust for a while. Here a tasting on my balcony a sunny evening about a month … Continue reading

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German Riesling Grosses Gewächs & co 2005

A short time ago I held a tasting themed “Riesling GG & co 2005” in our wine tasting club AuZone. This was a horizontal tasting of high-end dry German Riesling. The designation Grosses Gewächs, often abbreviated as GG on labels … Continue reading

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Older German Riesling including a 1929 Liebfraumilch

One of the out-of-town members of our wine tasting club, who blogs about wine for a regional newspaper and therefore regularly “comes to town” to taste new arrivals, arranged a tasting on the theme “mature Riesling”. In this case, “mature” didn’t refer … Continue reading

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2012 Rieslings from Georg Breuer with Theresa Breuer

Georg Breuer is one of my favorite wine producers, all categories. There are more bottles from Breuer in my cellar than from any other German wine producer, both because I like them and because I consider many of their wines suitable for … Continue reading

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Some course wines from Germany and Alsace

A couple of weeks ago I held one of the classes in a basic wine course in the Stockholm chapter of the wine tasting organisation Munskänkarna. The class covered Alsace and Germany, and in these classes we try to show a couple of typical wines … Continue reading

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Spätburgunder from Kloster Eberbach – young wines and auction wines from the 2013 spring auction

While attending auction at Eberbach Abbey in March 2013 I also checked into the shop and tasted some Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) wines from Kloster Eberbach’s regular range. I’ve explained the buildup of their current range in the middle of this post. The “Cabinetkeller” (often seen … Continue reading

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