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Mixed wines – “December news”

This was a news tasting of various wines that only had that in common that they were lauched as news (in their current vintage or release) in the Swedish monopoly stores at the start of December. This government-controlled monopoly has, … Continue reading

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Mixed wines including some five Rhônes and two traditional Riojas

Last week a major wine tasting club in town, Munskänkarna, arranged a tasting of various wines, having that in common that they were new arrivals at our “dear” monopoly. Many were new vintages of old classics, rather than brand new … Continue reading

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Older vintages of Faustino I Gran Reserva including a birthday Rioja at the end of the world

Off and on there are many insults one has to stand in life, but one of the worst I’ve suffered is that that the goddamn Mayan calendar put the end of the world on my birthday, 21 December. Well, since … Continue reading

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San Vicente 1995

After the presentation of Eguren wines, I thought it might be a good idea to dry how one of these wines showed with some maturity, so I uncorked a San Vicente 1995, bought for € 31 at Alter Vinum. (The … Continue reading

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Eguren wines with Marcos Eguren

Late October I participated in a presentation of some of the Eguren family’s wines in Brussels, presented by Marcos Eguren. Eguren has their base in Rioja where they have several bodegas, as well as having one in Toro. To many, … Continue reading

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Bandol and other rosés plus a Cava

Summer is reaching its end, and wine club activities are finally starting. In the advanced-level circle in Munskänkarna in Brussels we alternate in arranging tastings at home, often blind. First for the season was a rosé theme, perhaps to prolong … Continue reading

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