Massif de Saint-Thierry

Diagram Massif de Saint-Thierry 201504Key facts

Located in: Montagne & Val de Reims
Vineyards and grape varieties: 940.2 hectares (2323.3 acres), of which 54.8% Pinot Meunier, 29.7% Pinot Noir, and 15.4% Chardonnay.
Villages and classification: 15 villages, all “autre cru”.
Noted for: Pinot Meunier and for the northernmost vineyards of the Champagne wine region.

Villages of the Massif de Saint-Thierry

  • Brimont: 44.5 ha (5% Ch / 82% PM / 13% PN), autre cru (83%)
  • Cauroy-lès-Hermonville: 15.4 ha (0% Ch / 99% PM / 1% PN), autre cru (83%)
  • Châlons-sur-Vesle: 2.1 ha (0% Ch / 0% PM / 100% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Chenay: 58.1 ha (15% Ch / 20% PM / 65% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Cormicy: 57.0 ha (21% Ch / 36% PM / 43% PN), autre cru (83%)
  • Hermonville: 104.5 ha (14% Ch / 62% PM / 24% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Merfy: 45.7 ha (34% Ch / 46% PM / 20% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Montigny-sur-Vesle: 23.5 ha (14% Ch / 45% PM / 41% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Pévy: 92.4 ha (12% Ch / 58% PM / 30% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Pouillon: 52.5 ha (17% Ch / 71% PM / 12% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Prouilly: 135.8 ha (10% Ch / 61% PM / 29% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Saint-Thierry: 56.5 ha (20% Ch / 47% PM / 33% PN), autre cru (87%)
  • Thil: 49.6 ha (27% Ch / 60% PM / 13% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Trigny: 188.8 ha (15% Ch / 50% PM / 35% PN), autre cru (84%)
  • Villers-Franqueux: 13.8 ha (9% Ch / 84% PM / 8% PN), autre cru (84%)


Google Maps view with the villages in the Massif de Saint-Thierry highlighted.

Sketch of the central part of the Massif de Saint Thierry where the topography also is visible. The orange-coloured areas represent the vineyards. North is up in the picture. The picture belongs to the Union de Maisons de Champagne, and is linked form their webpage describing the Massif de Saint-Thierry.

Map of the Montagne & Val de Reims subregion, with the area Massif de Saint-Thierry up to the left, indicated by the number 1. In difference from the map above, all villages in the Massif de Saint-Thierry are included in this map (but also several other areas). Number 2 = Vesle et Ardre. The orange-coloured areas represent the vineyards. The picture belongs to the Union de Maisons de Champagne, and is linked form their webpage describing the Montagne & Val de Reims.

Neighbouring areas

South: Vesle et Ardre


The Massif de Saint-Thierry is one of 17 areas (“terroirs”) in the Champagne wine region, at least in the scheme used by the Union de Maisons de Champagne (UMC), and these 17 areas are grouped into four subregions, of which the Montagne & Val de Reims is one.

The monastery in Saint-Thierry in an etching of Dom Germain from the 17th century, later published in the book Monasticon Gallicanum. Note the vines to the left and above the monastery. Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons.

The Massif de Saint-Thierry area is located to the northwest of Reims and includes the northernmost vineyards of the Champagne region, that can be found in the village Cormicy. The area is named for one of the villages in the area, where there is a monastery which in Medieval times ran had vineyards in the surrounding parts.

The vineyards in Massif de Saint-Thierry are somewhat spread out, around the forest area that are located in the middle of the area, and consist mostly of mild slopes. The rather easily cultivated grape variety Pinot Meunier therefore dominate in the area as a while, but in three out of 15 byar Pinot Noir is the most common grape variety.

The border between the areas Massif de Saint-Thierry and Vesle et Ardre are by UMC drawn along the Vesle river. The villages to the west of Reims that are located on the right bank of the the Vesle are therefore counted as part of the Massif de Saint-Thierry.

Plans for future expansion of the area

In the expansion proposed for the Champagne wine region/appellation with 40 new communes (on top of the current 319, while 2 are removed), 7 of the communes are located in this area:

  • On the eastern side the “gap” between Brimont and the rest of the area is filled by adding Courcy and Loivre.
  • The area is expanded to the west with Bouvancourt, Ventelay, Romain, Courlandon, and Baslieux-les-Fismes, which means that all communes between the Vesle river and the departmental border (starting in Châlons-sur-Vesle and continuing downstream) will be part of the appellation. On the other side of Vesle, Breuil(-sur-Vesle) and Fismes will be added, but they should be counted as part of the Vesle et Ardre area.

The village Pévy with vineyards in the background. In this case the slope is unusually steep for being in the Massif de Saint-Thierry. Picture linked from Wikimedia Commons (photo Garitan, 2012).


Current vineyard surface in the Massif de Saint-Thierry (as of 2013 according to CIVC) is 940.2 ha (2323.3 acres), distributed over 408 vineyard owners (exploitants) in the 15 villages. There are 515.6 ha Pinot Meunier (54.8%), 279.4 ha Pinot Noir (29.7%), and 144.9 ha Chardonnay (15.4%).


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