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Tasting of mixed new releases with a few heavy-duty Super Tuscans included

Earlier in December I tasted a selection of recent releases on the Swedish market. This type of “purchase a ticket and taste the wines at your own pace”-tasting is arranged a number of times per year by a Munskänkarna, a … Continue reading

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A white Rioja on Saint Vincent’s day

22 January is Saint Vincent’s Day, and this day is a sort of “the day of wine” in some countries and regions, in particular in France. The Vincent in question is Saint Vincent of Saragossa, an early Christian martyr gathered unto … Continue reading

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Mixed wines – “December news”

This was a news tasting of various wines that only had that in common that they were lauched as news (in their current vintage or release) in the Swedish monopoly stores at the start of December. This government-controlled monopoly has, … Continue reading

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Mixed wines including some five Rhônes and two traditional Riojas

Last week a major wine tasting club in town, Munskänkarna, arranged a tasting of various wines, having that in common that they were new arrivals at our “dear” monopoly. Many were new vintages of old classics, rather than brand new … Continue reading

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Tio Pepe Fino En Rama 2013

In 2010, the major Sherry producer Gonzalez & Byass started an annual tradition by releasing Tio Pepe Fino En Rama in spring or early summer. The difference between the En Rama versionen (rama = “raw” in Spanish ) from regular Tio Pepe is that it … Continue reading

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Older vintages of Faustino I Gran Reserva including a birthday Rioja at the end of the world

Off and on there are many insults one has to stand in life, but one of the worst I’ve suffered is that that the goddamn Mayan calendar put the end of the world on my birthday, 21 December. Well, since … Continue reading

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Goose dinner wines

On St. Martin’s Day, now some two weeks ago, a goose dinner is customary in some parts (especially the Germanic ones) of northwestern Europe. In Sweden this tradition is particularly strong in the southern parts of the country, in particular Scania/Skåne, since … Continue reading

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