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Chardonnay from Domaine Labet in Jura

Recently, Swedish-French online wine merchant Caviste presented a release from Domaine Labet i Jura. I tasted the corresponding release in 2014, when I wrote a bit more on the producer, and in 2015. The tasting included three Chardonnay wines that were sold … Continue reading

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Mixed white BYOB with AuZone

In the absence of other tastings scheduled for Maundy Thursday, six of us gathered for a BYOB tasting under the auspices of our wine tasting club AuZone. E.T., who took the initiative, decided on “white and good” as our theme. As … Continue reading

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Jura Chardonnay from Domaine Labet

Swedish-French online wine merchant Caviste showed another batch of Jura wines from Domaine Labet, about 11 months after the last time around. Here’s what I wrote then. Caviste’s selection from Labet only covers Chardonnay wines in ouillé style, i.e, wines produced without oxidation. This … Continue reading

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Domaine Labet – a Jura-producer with some Chablis-like Chardonnays

Domaine Labet is a producer located in the Jura region of eastern France. I recently tasted some of their wines chez Caviste, a (French-)Swedish importer who launched some of their Chardonnays. I have the impression that Jura wines have been receiving … Continue reading

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Mixed March news including three 2010 Syrahs and three Pinots

This Monday I attended a wine club tasting of March news from our dear Swedish alcohol monopoly Systembolaget. (Well, to me it as about as dear as the bread queues were to the good people of the Soviet union.) This … Continue reading

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Jura wines from Château d’Arlay

During the autumn I attended a tasting with one of the leading producers of the Jura region in France, Château d’Arlay, led by count Alain de La Guiche himself, who was in Stockholm to promote his wines, thanks to their Swedish … Continue reading

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